Essential Reading for Affiliate Marketers (Free Blogs)

These are all blogs where you can get high quality content without being pitched the latest, greatest whiz bang affiliate marketing system.

These blogs give good solid information that will help you grow your business.

And for an awesome collection of posts to help boost your business check out this collection of the 50 top internet marketing posts of 2012.

PPC Blogs

PPC Hero

PPC Blog

PPC Without Pity

RKG Blog

Certified Knowledge

Conversion and Optimization Blogs


Kissmetrics Blog

Visual Website Optimizer Blog

Occam’s Razor


Men with Pens

Small Business Copywriter

General Marketing

Seth Godin

Quick Online Tips

Quick Sprout


Search Engine Land

How to Make My Blog

SEO Optimize


Business Building

Mindvalley Insights

For Entrpreneurs

Andrew Chen

Start Up Marketing

Rocket Watcher