Promoting Magnetic Messaging with Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a cheap, easy, and effective way to drive affiliate sales for Magnetic Messaging.

The fact is, there are LOTS of guys out there posting questions on various forums looking for advice on what to text a girl or how to get a woman to respond to their messages. These guys are PRIME CUSTOMERS.

If you are active on several forums and interact in these types of discussions you can easily earn $100s a day by just dropping a link into these discussions.

Big Benefits of Forum Marketing

  1. These people are actively looking for a solution (making it more likely they’ll buy)
  2. Your post and links will be there forever. (Future men searching the forum can find your links, allowing you to continue making sales well into the future.
  3. SEO. Many forum post rank well in google. So its an easy way to get traffic and earn massive commissions.

Tips for Forum Marketing

1. DO NOT SPAM. You will quickly lose your forum privileges if you simply go onto a forum and begin spamming the forum with your affiliate links.

The purpose of joining the forum is to meet other people, to build relationships and share information to help each other out. Over time, as you provide valuable advice and knowledge to the discussions you take part in, people will begin to recognize you as a leader.

Being recognized as a leader makes your recommendation MUCH more valuable. Once you’ve built some trust, when you recommend Magnetic Messaging or give away your re-branded report, you will be much more likely to see commissions rolling in.

2. All links belong in your signature. It doesn’t matter if it’s for an affiliate offer or your primary opportunity, links belong in your signature. That’s why it’s there in the first place!

Provide value and add to the conversation in your forum posts. Become a leader and people will become interested in you, which is when they will look to your signature to learn more about you.

3. Linking to Magnetic Messaging outside of your signature: If you recommend Magnetic Messaging outside of your signature it is MUCH BETTER to send them to free information (containing your affiliate ID of course). You can give them a link to the branded PDF or send them to one of our content based articles, or link to one of our content based videos.

When you promote “content” it is much less likely anyone will complain of you spamming or marketing.

4. Include a compelling “call to action” in your signature. Instead of just listing the website, write something like “Check out this video to learn 3 texts that get a girl chasing you…” Many more people will click your signature link if you structure it this way.

5. Don’t be afraid to join a forum on a topic other than dating advice. For example, if you’re really into MMA, it’s okay to join an MMA forum and use your signature to say something like “Not getting enough dates? Here are 3 texts that turn her on, get her out…”

6. Be consistent. Don’t go joining ten different forums all at once because that won’t accomplish anything. It’s much more effective to choose 1-3, depending on how much time you have to devote to your marketing. You’re better off being more involved on fewer forums than less involved on more forums.

7. Once you join, get involved. Don’t just sit back and watch the conversation! Expect to devote 3-6 days a week, especially in the beginning. Be careful though, and set a certain amount of time that you can afford to spend on each forum so time doesn’t just slip away!!

8. Join active forums that get a good amount of traffic. Use to help you with determining some active forums to join. Here are some examples of great forums for the dating advice niche:

9. Be patient. Don’t expect to join a couple of forums one week and have leads pouring in the next week. Forum marketing can be very effective, but you must be patient. It takes time, but if you stick with it, it can be a great marketing technique. Remember, with marketing you are either spending time or money and in this case, it’s definitely time.