I just wanted to provide a quick lesson on how to write articles super fast- and then take that article and turn it into 7 more articles.

As you probably know, the easiest way to make sales (without paying for traffic) is get pages ranked across the web for various “texting” or “attraction” keywords.

(here’s a list of keywords to get you started)

So I want to teach you a method I learned from an internet marketer named Jason Fladlien.

This method will allow you to pump out high quality articles that you can use as blog posts, squidoo lens, hub pages, ezine articles, guest posts, youtube videos, or whatever…

First, let’s talk about how to quickly write the first article.

Here’s how it works.

1. Open 3 research sites. These could simply be other sites focused on texting or dating advice.

2. Skim the article to find 3 main points.

3. Outline each main point with two “sub points.”

4. Create an opening paragraph.

5. Use the three main points you gathered and write two to three sentences about each of the main points.

6. Create a conclusion. Simply summarize the main points you mentioned in the body.

7. Proof read your article, and then use the article to promote Magnetic Messaging.

How to Turn 1 Article into 7

This is probably one of the most brilliant things I learned from Jason Fladlien.

This method will allow you to take one article, and then present the information in different, entirely unique ways.

With this method, you can take any of my ‘article idea generators’ and turn them into 7 useable articles for promotion.

Here are the 7 different presentation styles:

1. Straightforward style ( a simple ‘how to’)
2. FAQ style ( question and answer)
3. Quiz style ( present in quiz format)
4. Step by Step style (step 1. step 2. ect)
5. Checklist style (list of things they need to do)
6. Mistakes style ( a list of common mistakes)
7. Story style (tell the article as a story)

As you can see, using these 7 different styles allows you to repurpose every article you write about Magnetic Messaging and get the maximum use.

Let’s get started now.

Go to www.textingagirl.com

Choose any of the articles on that site. (don’t worry its my site) and then re-write them in the 7 presentation styles above.

Then begin distributing the articles across the internet. Make sure to include your affiliate link for easy, consistent sales.

Make it happen!