Creating “Texting Mini-Sites”

Why Create a “Texing Mini Site”?

This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do if you want to earn consistent and lucrative profits with Magnetic Messaging. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 6 years now, and I’ve used THIS EXACT STRATEGY promoting affiliate offers for massive cash. In fact, I was earning $20,000 a month on just ONE offer using this exact method. And still use to earn thousands of dollars every month on various offers.

Here are a few reasons this works

1. Texting keywords are easy to rank for. Yep, unlike trying to rank a blog for “weightloss” keywords, texting is a relatively simple niche to rank for. This means that you can create a site based around articles and videos on texting women, and within a month be showing up on the first page of google for these terms.

This means that guys searching for texting advice (the easiest prospects to convert) will find your blog, click on your affiliate link, and earn you steady money.

2. It’s very specific. Unlike other “dating advice products” we have the advantage of knowing exactly what these guys want to learn, and can focus on just those keywords. You don’t need to compete for terms like “attract women” or “how to get girls”… instead you can zero in on longtail keywords that actually turn clicks into dollars like “what’s a good first text to send a girl”

3. Build an Email List. Here’s the best part: you can actually build a HUGE EMAIL LIST by driving traffic to your “texting mini-siete” and then offering them an optin bribe to get on your email list. Just simply have a pop up that offers them our “7 Deadly Texting Mistakes” Report.

How to Create Your “Texting Mini-Site”

  1. Purchase a domain name that is keyword friendly. ie)
  2. Install wordpress on the site
  3. Install Thesis theme (optional, but my favorite theme)
  4. Use our list of keywords to generate articles
  5. Hate writing? You can purchase articles here.
  6. Schedule out the posts one per week to allow google to index site
  7. Add some of our Youtube Videos to make site more appealing to users
  8. Add popup domination to collect emails. (use your 7 Mistakes report as the bribe)
  9. Add this collection of auto-responders to your follow up (make sure you add your Clickbank ID)
  10. Add some of our banners and point them to your affiliate link for Magnetic Messaging.
  11. When you’re done- your site should be very similar to this:

How to Get Site Ranking in Google

SEO is changing constantly, so here are a list of some good articles I’ve found with current recommendations for getting your mini-site ranking well in google.