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Subject Lines:

– the secret to “playing hard to get” (HINT: use the right bait)
– #1 trick to “playing hard to get” (most guys do it WRONG)
– NEVER “play hard to get” unless you do THIS first…



I bet you’ve heard this advice:

– “Girls want what they can’t have”

– “You got play hard to get”

And the advice is true…

…When you do it RIGHT.

Unfortunately most guys get this completely wrong.
And just come off as disinterested, gay, or too
shy to make a move.

Or worse, they completely eliminate themselves from
her radar.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression:

“If a tree falls in the forest and
no one is around to hear it… did it make
a sound?”

Well, that is sort of how I view most
guys attempts at playing hard to get.

You can play hard to get all you want, but
if she doesn’t notice you, or isn’t paying
attention to you…

Its all for NOTHING.

Let me explain what my friend Bobby considers
the ultimate secret to playing hard to get… and the
ultimate secret to making a girl fall in love with you.

(and THIS WORKS even if she wasn’t that attracted
to you to begin with.)

Here it is…

She MUST think about YOU when you’re not around.

Pretty simple.

The more she thinks about you (good or bad)…
the more she starts to anticipate seeing you.

And its up to YOU to give her things to think about.

Things to analyze and obsess over.

Things to keep YOU on her mind.

How do you do this?

That’s what Bobby explains in this video explains.

Fortunately, there is an odd, but extremely effective
“Mind Game” you can use on a girl that will completely
take control of her thoughts and have her obsessively
thinking about you.

Its called The Scrambler, he’ll teach it to you in the video.

Want to Jump Start “the Chase”? (use the right bait)

In the video you’ll learn powerful ways to…

– Make a girl think about you constantly (even become obsessed)
– Have her eagerly anticipate seeing you
– Have her fantasizing about sleeping with you

Discover the “Scrambler” now



P.S. I bet you already know the first girl you’re going to use it

So, hold that picture of her in your mind, because in this video
you’re going to learn how to plant a “tiny seed” in her head that
unlocks a hidden desire for you..

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Subject Lines:

– 8 Reasons you should be sending MIXED SIGNALS (some will shock you)
– HOT and COLD (8 reasons this makes her chase you)
– the hidden art of sending mixed signals (8 reasons this works)


As guys, we’ve sort of been programmed to believe that you have to “prove your
worth” for a girl.

For years we’ve heard advice like “if you like her let her know.”

And because of this ‘pre-programming’ the minute we start liking a girl there is
a little voice in our head that continually tells us that “if she just knows how
much I like her, she’ll want to be with me.”

But the notion that girls want “certainty” is DEAD WRONG.

In fact, nothing will fan the flames of attraction as much as SENDING

My friend Bobby discovered there are a handful of reasons this

Why? Here are 8 great reasons he found:

1. It prevents you from appearing needy, clingy, or “too available.”

2. When a girl can’t figure you out, you have the upper hand and power in
the relationship.

3. She’ll begin to work harder to attract you, which creates more “investment”
on her part.

4. No girls wants an “easy catch”

5. Girls are addicted to drama. Sending mixed signals provides her the
drama she craves.

6. When she’s not sure where she stands with you, she anticipates seeing you more.
Because there is a part of her that is unsure if she’ll ever see you again. And
“fear of loss” is crucial for her to fall in love with you.

7. It makes her assume that you have other options. And we all know girls want
what other girls want.

8. When a girl doesn’t know where she stands with you she thinks about you more.
And as this video explains the more she thinks about you, the more she convinces
herself she’s in love with you.

When it comes to amplifying attraction, SENDING mixed signals is king.

And there is a particular way to do it that multiples the effect. Its actually
a sneaky little mind game called “The Scrambler” that will convince a girl she’s
in love with you.

Here’s a video where Bobby explains “The Scrambler”

Most guys completely mess up “playing hard to get” and do it all WRONG.

That’s why is crucial to follow the exact sequence laid out in The Scrambler.



P.S. The material in this video will make sure that you’re able to take a
girl from “interested” to “Obsessed”

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– #1 ingredient that get a girl infatuated with you (weird)
– the art of sending “mixed signals” (and why it works)
– what creates “obsession” in a girl? (the answer inside)


Guys get infatuated with girls much more often than girls develop
crushes on guys.

That’s how it seems to work out most of the time, right?

You become attracted to a girl, and then you have to work (hard)
to try and get her to become attracted to you.

Now, I want ask you a question.

And, I want you to think hard.

Have you ever had a girl you weren’t really attracted to develop
a serious crush or infatuation with YOU?

The answer is important.

Now, I can almost bet that there have been girls who developed
serious crushes and lusted after YOU. BUT they were NEVER the
girls that you wanted.

Am I right?

Here is what you have got to realize. (and this is important)

The way you acted and the things you did without even thinking
about it made this overweight or ugly girl become attracted to you.

(this video reveals 4 specific things you probably did to get
her so attracted- without even realizing it)

More importantly, all girls become attracted to guys for the same

So the same “ingredients” that made this unwanted girl lust after
you can be used to make a hot girl want you just as much.

So what are these ingredients for infatuation?

It starts with getting her to THINK ABOUT YOU.

Ask yourself: What makes you want to chase a girl?

C’mon if you’re honest with yourself, when do you really start
chasing a girl?

I’ll tell you…

Its when she sends you mixed signals, right?

Sometimes she seems into you. But other times she seems like she’s
bored or not interested.

When she seems interested, you think that there is attraction –
that she wants to date you, spend time with you, and even have sex
with you.

And when she seems disinterested, you spend your time thinking
about what to do to regain her attraction.

(and as this video explains, if you can make a girl think about
you- you can make her fall in love with you)

She’s sending these mixed messages on purpose. And it is really
effective, because it makes you want to chase her even more.

The key is that this works for girls in exactly the same way it
works for guys. That means that if you learn how to master the
art of sending mixed signals, she will want to chase you.

But hold on a second.

It is easy to get this wrong.

You have to learn to balance your signals, otherwise she will just
think you are a jerk or she won’t realize that you are attracted to
her at all and anything else you do will be pointless.

A couple evil geniuses actually came up with something they call
“The Scrambler” that shows you exactly how to do this.

And they will teach this sneaky little mind game in this video.

Watch this video carefully, because once you learn this, it
will seem like you can actually control what she is thinking about

Take Care,


P.S. There is one more thing that you need to think about before
you are ready to start learning how to master mixed signals.

When you do this, there will be times when you will have to step
back and let whatever you have said to her take effect in her mind.

(its sort of like “inception”- explained here)

Most guys find this very hard to do. This is especially the case
with guys who are using this approach for the first time.

Maybe the guy really likes the girl and he is worried that he may
have screwed it up. So he texts her or calls her looking for a
sign that she is still interested in him.

But this contact will completely undo what he has done.

You have to trust this strategy completely for it to work.

=> Discover the exact steps of “The Scrambler” here


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Subject Lines:

– cat and string theory (TWISTED… but true)
– do you know “cat and string theory”? (tap her chase reflex)
– NEVER give a girl THIS (she immediately loses respect for you)


Did you ever hear of the cat and the string theory?

Did you ever watch a cat play with a string?

Well, when the string is dangling above its head, just out of reach,
the cat goes crazy trying to get it.

It leaps in the air, dancing around, and chases it all over the room…

But as soon as you let go of the string and it drops right between the
cat’s paws…

… a weird thing happens.

It just looks at it for a second, gets bored, and then walks away.

Well, girls are the same exact way.

When she’s holding the power, its impossible for her sleep with you.

It goes against her nature.

She wants to CHASE YOU.

This is why girls chase players and bad boys for years…

It because these guys are always “just out of reach.”

The first step in getting a girl to chase you, is to dangle the RIGHT

There are actually what my friend Bobby refers to as “the 4 horseman
of the Chase”…

This video reveals the 4 horseman of getting a girl to chase you <= watch this

If you implement one or two of these, you’ll see a huge change in her

If you use all four… your results will EXPLODE and you’ll have that girl
throwing herself at you.

Discover all four here <= watch this


P.S. The material in this video will make sure that you’re able to take a girl from “interested” to “Obsessed”



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Subject Lines:

– BEWARE these warning signs girls use to disqualify guys
– how easy are you to “catch”? (she knows instantly)
– are you using the WRONG bait (thats why you can’t “hook” her)



This is one of my favorite quotes (related to girls):

“Chicks are like hunters, they want to bag a lion
or a bear.. something really hard to catch. And
along comes you. You are like this affectionate
little puppy.

You’re cute, you’re nice, you have a lot in common
with her… but you’re way too easy to catch. And that
bores her.

And with chicks, boredom = death.”

The question you need to ask yourself is “how easy am I
to catch?”

Remember, dogs don’t chase rocks sitting on the ground.
They chase rabbits that dart in and out of bushes.

So, how do you get a girl to chase you? Easy.

You use the RIGHT BAIT. (revealed HERE)

On this page, discover a simple little “mind game” that forces
a girl to chase you.

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