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Subject Lines:

– #1 Reason She Won’t Hook Up with You (even if she wants to)
– are you a “lemon”? (3 signs that tell her you are)


Hey man,

My friend Bobby Rio wrote a guest article for you today, where
he talks about the biggest reason a girl will NOT hook up with
you… (even if she wants to)

In the newsletter below, he also talks about the 2 most powerful
ways to overcome this.

[Learn his weird “mind game” called The Scrambler here]

Enter Bobby

Let me ask you this: Have you ever went to the dealership to buy
a car, saw a car you really wanted, and still walked off the lot without
purchasing anything?

Why didn’t you buy?

You didn’t buy for the same reason a girl doesn’t hook up
with you even if she kind of wants to.

She’s afraid of making a mistake. She’s afraid of buying

Its NOT lack of desire that prevents you from buying the

What prevents you from buying it is:

– The thought of your friends making fun of you for paying too much
– The feeling that the salesman pressured you into something
you didn’t really want to do
– What if the car turns out to be a “lemon” and now you’re stuck with it
– What if the next car lot had a better car at a cheaper price

Well, girls have similar thoughts running through her mind about

What if you’re a LEMON. What if hooking up with you turns out to
be a giant mistake?

– What if you get weird? Clingy? Possessive?

Or what if you bang her… and then never talk to her again?

She doesn’t want to feel foolish. So its easy for her to put off calling
you back, letting you kiss her, or going back to your place.

The same way you tell the car salesman “I’m only looking right now, and
not ready to buy something” -even when you really wanted the car.

So what’s solution?

==> this video reveals the 4 biggest “LEMON” behaviors

First, make her invest more and more into you. The longer and more
effort she’s put in talking to you… the more her resistance begins to

Did you ever wonder why car salesman try to keep you in the showroom
as long as possible? Because they know eventually you’re will power
will diminish and you’ll buy the damn thing…

Well, its the same with girls. This is why if you’re out on a date with
a girl… its almost essential to have a few places lined up to take her
BEFORE going back to your place.


The second thing you can do is increase her DESIRE to the point where
she can’t say “no”…

Its a trick that car salesman call “spiking the buying temperature”…

==> Do THIS to spike her desire for you

Make it happen!




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Subject Lines:

– AVOID these 3 toxic “attraction killers” (BEWARE)
– Avoid these 3 toxic “needy” behaviors…
– 3 “Friend Zone” Mistakes (avoid THIS “needy” behavior)
– 3 “needy” mistakes that lead to the friend zone (one will shock you)


Hey man,

My friend Bobby Rio wrote a guest article for you today, where
he reveals 3 toxic mistakes that quickly kill any attraction a
girl feels for you.

Trust me, you’ve probably made at least one (or all 3) of these
mistakes in the past, and it has probably cost you AT LEAST one
girl before.

[Learn his weird “mind game” called The Scrambler here]

Enter Bobby

hey listen,

I grew up watching John Cusak movies. I really wanted to believe
that standing outside some girl’s window with a boom box blasting
a love song was the key to her heart.

Unfortunately, it’s not. And even though logically most of us
know this… years of “pop song programming” seem to kick in every
time we like a girl and lead us to make some very damaging mistakes.

Here are 3 of the most toxic killers of attraction:

1. Sending Her Flowers at Work- This move REAKS of desperation.
It also says “I’m completely Unoriginal.” If you send a girl flowers
early into a relationship you trigger her “CLINGY Alarm.” And she’ll
begin worrying that if things end you’re going to be one of those guys
who gets weird and creepy. Make no mistake, the thoughts that begin
flowing through her mind when the flowers arrive are almost never

==> Click here to use a simple trick to REVERSE a girl’s opinion of you

2. Confessing Your Feelings too Soon- As guys when we have all these
bottled-up feelings for a girl we want to blurt them out. We think:
if only she knew how much I like her she’ll surely want to be my girlfriend.
WRONG. The minute you confess your feelings to a girl you’re revealing
your hand… and leaving her nothing to work for. Remember, the less she has
to work for you… the more bored she becomes.

3. Being too Available- There are a few reasons this will kill her attraction
towards you. First off, it eliminates some of your mystery. Second, it
doesn’t give her time to miss you and anticipate seeing you. And third, we
place less value on things that are easy to obtain. Which means if you’re
always around she begins to value you less.

So how do you “play hard to get” while still moving things forward
with her?

Great question! And its actually super simple.

Follow the instruction laid out HERE





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– passing a woman’s tests (NEVER fail again)
– does she bring out your “needy” side? (4 fixes)


Hey man,

My friend Bobby Rio wrote a guest article for you today, where
he reveals how girl’s will try to “test” you to see how needy
or approval seeking you become.

The article below talks about four things she looks for and
how to pass these tests.

[Learn his weird “mind game” called The Scrambler here]

Enter Bobby

In the newsletter below, we wanted to
discuss one of 
the most critical
elements to seducing that one girl 
really want


– your emotions

Unfortunately, most guys emotions DO NOT
act in their 
best interest when it
comes to getting a girl

when you really like her)

You’re emotions cause all kinds of
mischief like making
 you act insecure,
needy, clingy, and predictable…

 things that MURDER attraction.

The reality is that when these
“emotions” take over… it’s like it
disengages your logical brain.

And you 
start doing all the things you
know you SHOULD NOT 
be doing…

- feeling a compulsion to call or text

– Unable to “play it cool”

- blurting out your feelings too soon 

– making yourself too available 

– showing noticeable jealousy when she mentions
other guys

- showing too much disappointment when she can’t hang

. Here’s the worse part…

She is going to TEST YOU to see how
“needy” she can make

(she does this subconsciously of course)

It’s her 
way of screening out weak

She’ll cancel plans and pay close
attention to how
 you react…

She’ll “forget” to text you back to see
how you handle 

She’ll challenge you on stuff to see how
quickly you
back down…

Here’s a very simple example of a

If you’re
 listening to a certain type of
music that you like she might say…

”Do you like that?” in a tone that
expresses that she definitely 

How do you respond? Do you lie and say
“not really”? Or 
”It’s OK”

If so, you’re TRYING HARDER. And the
pendulum of power is 
tipped in HER

THIS tips it in your favor. Find out NOW
how to take the “Power” back

– And she doesn’t want that. She would
much rather you look
 at her and say
“yeah, this song kicks ass.”

No girl wants a guy who won’t defend
himself. Even against 

Here’s the good news: You can correct
this imbalance, and
 rather easily when
you know exactly what to do.

Make it happen!


P.S. You see, in this video , we’re going to
unveil to you 
FOUR somewhat odd, but
extremely effective strategies you can
 to using today.

Click here to find out how to ultimately
put YOU in the POSITION 

(and eliminate your needy behavior)




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Subject Lines:

– 4 innocent words to *AMPLIFY* her attraction
– SAY this at the end of your date (she’ll think about you all night)
– FOUR magic words to say at end of the date

Hey man,

My friend Bobby Rio wrote a guest article for you today, where
he reveals a simple four word phrase to say at the end of
a date.

Now, this may seem “counter-intuitive”… but in the world
of dating, that is usually what works.

[Learn his weird “mind game” called The Scrambler here]

Enter Bobby

How would you like 4 magic words to say to a girl
at the end of a date that will have her CRAVING
to see you again?

Well, here they are:

“Talk to You Soon”

(weird, but I’ll explain)

These three words trigger “fear of loss” in her mind…
and as you’ll learn in this video, this is one
of the 4 weapons to get a girl chasing YOU.

==> 4 mind games that make her chase you

Why does “Talk to You Soon” trigger fear of loss?

Because its full of ambiguity. She doesn’t know what
it means.

She begins to wonder if maybe she did something
wrong, you lost interest, and will go home and continue
to play back the date in her mind.

And remember, confusion is like CRACK for girls.

Literally, like a pull from the crack pipe:

==> 4 mind games that make her chase you





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Subject Lines:

– how to gain the “upper hand” with a girl
– Do THIS to gain the “upper hand” with a girl
– THIS gives you the power with a girl


Hey man,

My friend Bobby Rio wrote a guest article for you today, where
he reveals how to gain the “upper hand” and psychological “EDGE”
with a girl.

Trust me, this is stuff you probably haven’t read before, and
if you’re into “mind games” you’ll definitely want to read
the article below.

[Learn his weird “mind game” called The Scrambler here]

Enter Bobby

Every time a guy and a girl start talking
one person tries harder.

And the person who tries harder holds less

Once a girl recognizes that she has the power
game over, collect your consolation prize, and
go home.

On the other hand, girls are “power hungry”.
When a cool, hot girl senses you have the
upper hand, her mind literally can’t handle it.

It forces her to chase after you. (this is especially
true if you’re not her usual type.)

Want to know something else?

Girls are constantly testing you to see how much
power they hold. It could be something as simple
as playing with her phone while you’re talking to
her, fishing for a compliment, or using her sexuality
to see what she can get from YOU.

How you react to these tests lets her know how much
power she has over you. (spotting these tests give
you a huge advantage)

Now, in this video I show you a move that shifts the
balance of power.

And if you’ve got a female friend in your life, even
a girl you work with… she’ll be the perfect girl to
test this on.

So the question is…

How do gain the “upper hand”?

Here it is…

Whether you’re just meeting a girl, friends with her,
or even if you’ve already hooked up with her, she’s
silently (and unconsciously) judging you.

– how predictable are you?
– do you like her more than she likes you?
– what do you want from her?
– how much bullshit will you deal with?
– what can she get you to do?
– how special do you view her?
– has she already figured you out?

These questions are the ULTIMATE POWER YOU HOLD.

Because she wants answers to them. In fact, she
needs answers to them.

And as long as she searching for the answers, you
hold the power.

When I first realized this, my answer was to act
like an ASSHOLE or a jerk, and pretend I didn’t care
what she thought, and downplay how much I liked her.

But that was WRONG too.

Because girls will either A.) see through your “act”
or B.) Assume you’re uninterested and move on.

Nope. Pretending to be an asshole doesn’t work.

What you need to do is let her think she’s got you
figured out, and then THROW HER A CURVE BALL.

And then Scramble the answers to these
questions together, until figuring you out becomes
the only thing she can think about.

Until it becomes a compulsion for her.

Until you become a “puzzle” she gets obsessed with

That’s what “The Scrambler” does… and I want to teach
it you.

=> discover the ‘mind game’ called The Scrambler

In the video above you’ll also learn what I refer to
as the “4 horseman of the Chase”.

Make it happen!


P.S. Want proof?

Just look at the titles of dating advice books that
women buy.

90% of the books have titles like:

“What is he thinking”

“How to read a guy’s mind”

“Is he into you”

“How a man’s mind works”

Watch this video to discover how to use this to
your advantage.
==> LINK