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Subject Lines:

– What Makes a Girl Fall in Love (Its Not What You Think)
– FW: THIS makes a girl fall in love… (weird, but true)
– BIGGEST mistake guys make when they “like” a girl


I just got this email from Bobby Rio talking about this
idea of “engineering love”… very interesting stuff I think
you should read.

Every day I get an email similar to this:

“There is this girl I’m talking to. I really want her to
be my girlfriend. What can I say to her?”

Here is my answer: Nothing you can ‘say’ will make her fall
in love with you.

In fact, you will usually “blow it” if you attempt to let
a girl know how you feel (especially if it’s early on.)

Here’s the problem most guys run into:

Once they like a girl they think they need to express this
to her. They think that “if she knows how much I like her”
she’ll want to be my girlfriend.


Love is psychological.

Women (and men) fall in love due to a psychological process
that occurs in our own mind.

Women don’t fall in love while they are with you. She falls
in love while she is away from you thinking about you.

And the more you can get her thinking about you…. The more she
will begin to convince herself that she is in love with you.

In the “Seduction Weapons” portion of The Scrambler I teach
12 weapons of seduction. These are 12 things that will keep
her thoughts focused on YOU when you’re not around.

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The first and easiest of the 12 weapons is ambiguity.

Women love drama (how else do you think there would be 5
different Housewives of (insert city) shows on TV?)

If you want to keep her attention… you’ve got to provide her
that drama she craves. Ambiguity is a great way to do this. You
are sending her mixed signals. You are showing her multiple
sides of your personality.

Sometimes you make her feel like she excites you…

Sometimes you make her feel like you are losing interest
and she bores you…

Sound cruel?

Well, if you think back on the girls you fell in love with…
Chances are she made you feel this exact way. Chances are she
sent a lot of mixed signals.

Am I correct?

I didn’t invent the game. But I play to win.

There are 11 more seduction weapons in Unlock Her Legs
(some much sneakier than this.)

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Remember “attention” is a commodity. We only have so much of it.
He who occupies the most of her attention wins.

It’s all laid out on this video…

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Make it happen!




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Subject Lines:

– Engineering “Love” (How to Get a Girl “Infatuated” with You)
– can you really “engineer” love? (shockingly, the answer is YES)
– why “nice guys” lose the girls they really like
– target THESE 4 emotions (and you’ll fall for you instantly)


Here is the second part of a 3 email series I got from Bobby Rio
talking about “engineering” love..

In my previous email I talked about how you don’t get a woman to
fall in love with you by things you say/

Because love actually happens when she’s away from you, when she
can’t stop thinking about you. It happens when she finds herself
repeating your name in her mind over and over again.

And although she doesn’t quite understand why… she wants to see
you so bad it HURTS.

That’s love. And its something you can actually ”engineer.”

Love is what I call an “Emotional Game.”

And its all about getting a woman emotionally addicted to you.
So that you can fully capture her attention.

You’ve probably already heard the saying “create a roller-coaster
of emotions” for her. But my guess is you don’t fully understand
the concept.

I say this because every day I get emails from guys asking:

“How do I talk about emotions” with her?”

“What are some emotional topics?”


Getting a girl “emotionally” addicted to being around you is NOT
about talking about specific emotions. Its about creating them
in her.

Yes. Your ONLY job is to create full range of emotions in a woman.
Most guys stop at the obvious ones like anger, joy, horniness.

But the real “Gems”… the ones that create the drama, intrigue,
and fascination that captures a woman’s mind are the less obvious

– anticipation
– surprise
– trust
– confusion

Its the surprise that keeps her on her toes… that holds her interest…
that has wondering what’s coming next.

Its during the confusion of trying to figure you out that you
begin to occupy a larger and larger space in her mind. Its during
the anticipation of waiting for your next text that she begins to
convince herself she’s in love with you.

Love does NOT happen when you’re completely content. This is why
most “nice” guys lose girl they really like.

Love happens when you start to feel like you’re losing control.

Think about the last time you were in love with a girl. I bet you
felt a little powerless a little helpless, and had a constant sense
of a little anxiety.

And the only “fix” was the woman.

And that feeling, love, is something you can engineer.

“The Scrambler” is made up of 12 weapons of seduction. These are
12 ways to induce specific emotions in a woman. These are 12 ways
to capture her attention and basically have her thoughts glued on you.

Until she begins to think she’s in love with you.

(learn it all the weapons here)

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Make it happen!


P.S. It’s not pretty. But neither is love.

And “The Scrambler” will show you how to create the feeling of love
with any girl, on demand.

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– #1 ingredient that get a girl infatuated with you (weird)
– Final “Ingredient” to Make Her Love You
– what creates “obsession” in a girl? (the answer inside)
– most POWERFUL emotion you can create in a girl (addicting for her)


Here’s the final piece of Bobby Rio’s “Seduction Trilogy”

So this is going to be my last email in what I’m calling
The Seduction Trilogy.

There are a few basic ideas that I’ve been trying to get
across to you:

1. You fall in love with a person while you’re away from them,
thinking about them.

2. The more you occupy a woman’s thoughts the more she begins
to think she’s in love with you.

3. Love is an “emotional game” meaning the more emotions you
produce in a woman, the more she becomes emotionally addicted
to you (at this point she convinces herself she’s in love
with you.)

In the last email I talked about a few of the best emotions
that you are trying to stir in her.

Things like confusion, surprise, joy, and anticipation.

Now before I continue, don’t mistake me; It is very important
that you produce good feelings in a woman like joy and fun so
that she likes being around you. But unfortunately that’s
not enough.

If you ever lost a girl who seemed to really enjoy your company
this is why. You weren’t providing her the variety of
emotions she craves.

If a movie was two hours of positive shit happening to the
lead character it would get BORING.

And that’s why most “nice guys” lose the girls they really like.

Because they think that a woman wants non stop joy and happiness.

They don’t.

She wants some good old fashioned drama mixed in. Which is
why bad boys do so well with women. These guys provide women
an emotional roller-coaster.

And they EXCEL at providing a woman the most powerful emotion
there is: “Fear of Loss”

It is a psychological fact that the minute we think we’ve lost
something…it becomes 10 times more valuable to us.

Have you ever been sort of on the fence about a girl, but then
she starts flaking on you, and suddenly you decide you want her.

That’s fear of loss in action.

Humans hate losing shit.

When something (or someone) seems to be slipping away we’ll
do just about anything to keep it. And when we sense we might
have lost something we begin to focus ENTIRELY on the good

This is why women constantly overlook all the negative shit
bad boys do. Because they are in a constant fear of losing
the bad boy.

When you learn how to trigger “fear of loss” in a girls, she
begins to hang on for dear life.

And every second she spends away from you, is time she spends
convincing herself that she must be in love with you.

Almost all of the weapons of seduction I go through in “The
Scrambler” in some way invoke fear of loss.

==> LINK

Its that important.

I once had a girl I was dating say to me “Every time you walk
out the door I feel like it might be the last time I see you.”

And because of that… she found herself constantly wondering if
I was going to call, looking for my text messages… and stalking
me out on Facebook to see what I was up to.

It doesn’t have to be as extreme as that 🙂

But you get my point.

(learn it all here)

==> LINK

Make it happen!


P.S. One more thing to keep in mind.

It is almost impossible for a woman to fall in love with you
without the fear that she could lose you. “Nice guys” blow
this big time.

One of the biggest reasons nice guys can’t keep the women
they really like is because these women have absolutely
NO fear of loss with them.

“Fear of Loss” is an essential ingredient to a seduction.

(Learn all 12 weapons of The Scrambler here)

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Subject Lines:

– cat and string theory (TWISTED… but true)
– do you know “cat and string theory”? (tap her chase reflex)
– NEVER give a girl THIS (she immediately loses respect for you)


Did you ever hear of the cat and the string theory?

Did you ever watch a cat play with a string?

Well, when the string is dangling above its head, just out of reach,
the cat goes crazy trying to get it.

It leaps in the air, dancing around, and chases it all over the room…

But as soon as you let go of the string and it drops right between the
cat’s paws…

… a weird thing happens.

It just looks at it for a second, gets bored, and then walks away.

Well, girls are the same exact way.

When she’s holding the power, its impossible for her sleep with you.

It goes against her nature.

She wants to CHASE YOU.

This is why girls chase players and bad boys for years…

It because these guys are always “just out of reach.”

The first step in getting a girl to chase you, is to dangle the RIGHT

There are actually what my friend Bobby refers to as “the 4 horseman
of the Chase”…

This video reveals the 4 horseman of getting a girl to chase you <= watch this

If you implement one or two of these, you’ll see a huge change in her

If you use all four… your results will EXPLODE and you’ll have that girl
throwing herself at you.

Discover all four here <= watch this


P.S. The material in this video will make sure that you’re able to take a girl from “interested” to “Obsessed”



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Subject Lines:

– BEWARE these warning signs girls use to disqualify guys
– Sneaky trick to “short circuit” a girl’s defenses
– 3 “psychological triggers” that get a girl obsessed with you
– how to plant “seduction seeds” in a girl’s mind


Every guy has been there at some point.

She turns you down with one of the standard excuses (“I already
have a boyfriend”) or she puts you squarely in the friend zone
(“I don’t think of you like THAT, we’re just friends”).

Or maybe you sent her an embarrassingly needy text or said
something she thought was weird or even creepy. And now you
think you’ve totally blown it with her.

Whatever your exact predicament, the question is always the same:

“Okay, so now what?”

Most guys answer in one of two ways:

1 – They decide to give up and get started feeling sorry for

2 – If they are really infatuated with the girl, they’ll do
something that is completely, embarrassingly desperate. Showing
up at her work with unwanted flowers is a very popular way to make
yourself look foolish – it works in the movies, but in real life
you will come off as sad and desperate.

But what if I told you there was another answer to the “now what?”

You can’t erase your past mistakes, but you can make her think
about you in a different way, if you know what do and what to say.

In fact, you can completely REVERSE her opinion of you.

And make her forget about your “nice guy” behavior, your neediness,
or have her STOP viewing you as “just a friend.”


Here’s the first step: forget everything that you have been doing.

It didn’t work.

Now it’s time to change your focus.

Your focus should now be totally on getting into her MIND,
triggering her emotions so that she starts thinking about you
when you are not around.

(hint: getting a girl to think about you when you’re not around
is the first step to making her fall in love with you)

There are a lot of ways to sneak into her mind.

The right text message or Facebook wall post can get you in. Even
a passing comment can be effective if you do it right.

Even a weird little mind game called “The Scrambler” (discover here)

Here’s the part that most guys have a hard time with. It seems
counter-intuitive to them. You want to plant these “seeds of
attraction” in her mind so that she is thinking about you, but then
you need to STEP BACK and give what you said time to work.

Guys can get really anxious, especially if they think they have
already blown it with a girl. The temptation to call her or
text her can be really strong.

But you have to have confidence in those seeds of attraction that
you planted in her mind.

(and if you use “The Scrambler” the seeds will TAKE OVER HER MIND.)

this video includes some specific step-by-step strategies that can
take you from planting the attraction ideas in her mind to closing the
deal and getting her on a date or even into bed.

(its laid out step by step here)

This strategy isn’t on most guys’ radar. If you are doing it
right, she WILL be thinking about you…even if other guys are
aggressively trying to seduce her.

Go here to learn the exact steps for planting attraction and desire
in her mind.

Take Care