Affiliate F.A.Q

1. How much can you make promoting the offer?

Here are the facts: The front end product sells at a very affordable $47 and the commission is 75% per sale ($33.00) The low front end price gets A LOT of buyers through the door. They will be immediately be taken to three upsells ($97, $47, $27) And you get 50% on anything they take. But that’s not all. The program also contains an optional micro-continuity six month weekly training membership program. And over half the people take it. You get 50% for every month they stay on ($18 per month) Altogether you can earn up to $197 per sale. PLUS you get paid 75% on ANY other product they buy from our catalog up to 60 days after they purchase.

2. What is the demographic of the customer?

We’ve heavily advertised this offer using the following demographics.

  1. Men
Single, Unspecified, Divorced
  3. Age 22 and up
United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, United Kingdrom

3. Can I have review access?

We do offer review access to affiliates that already have a live active site or an email list.

If you fit this criteria, please email the URL of the site you plan on using to promote our program to: [email protected]  Nataly will set you up with review access.

4. What is the Conversion Rate or EPC?

Depends on traffic source.

Affiliates mailing a warm email list generally see EPCs of $.90 to $3 depending on the responsiveness of their list. This number grows significantly over time as the rebills recur.

Affiliates using Facebook sending to a pre-sell landing page first usually see about .11 per click. Unless you are cloaking we don’t recommend sending straight to the video sales letter on Facebook as it is in violation of their TOS.

EPC and conversion rates on other traffic varies considerably on the source of the traffic.

5. Do you offer increased commission rates?

Yes, for media buyers or affiliates that can drive consistent daily sales please contact us about raising your commission. (note: this does not apply to review page affiliates)

6. Do you have training available for affiliates?

Yes, First off we recommend signing up for our JV mailing list as we providelots of training there. Also, you in our member’s area we have lots of training available, including an affiliate blog.

More Training: