Earn Steady Commissions by Referring Other Affiliates

Magnetic Messaging is always looking for new affiliates to promote our program.

We offer referral commissions to any affiliates who introduce new affiliates to our offer.

Who do you know that could promote Magnetic Messaging?

Here’s how it works…

An Affiliate Referral Contract is typically used to allow a ClickBank vendor to work with an affiliate manager or JV broker, who will recruit affiliates to promote the vendor’s product in exchange for a portion of each sale generated by those affiliates.

For example, Vendor A meets Affiliate Manager B at a conference or in an online forum. Affiliate Manager B knows many affiliates in the relevant niche, and offers to recommend Vendor A’s products to those affiliates. Vendor A and Affiliate Manager B can create an Affiliate Referral Contract that will pay Affiliate Manager B 20% of Vendor A’s portion of each sale made by one of the affiliates referred by Affiliate Manager B.

If you’re interested learning more about how you can refer affiliates and earn a portion of their sales please contact:

[email protected]